Which is Better Profession Forester or Gatherer in Stardew Valley

Players in Stardew Valley can select from numerous professions life from once their skills are leveled up. Forester or Gatherer Stardew Valley is a crucial decision to choose the best one. To gain money and improve their farm, there are so many things that can be done by the Stardew Valley players.

Getting closer to the endgame, you will have to select your profession. Since Forging is one of the least appreciated professions, but it is still required to complete the game. At level 5 of the game, you will have to choose your Forager career: Should you choose Stardew Valley Forager or Gatherer?

Both of them – stardew gatherer or forester, have their own pros and cons that can benefit the players as they move ahead in the game.

Both the options – stardew valley forester or gatherer, look tempting and it is tough to decide. So here we are to guide you on choosing the best one that suits you.

Which is Better Profession Forester or Gatherer in Stardew Valley

Which Is A Better Profession: Forester or Gatherer?

The Gatherer is considered to be a better profession between the Forester and Gatherer in Stardew Valley. The reason is Gatherer helps you to make much more money whereas Forestor helps to get a higher quantity of Hardwood. 

To know why Gatherer is a better profession in Stardew Valley, we have explained both of them in more detail. After going through this in detail, you will surely be able to decide for yourself. Hence after reading this article, you will be able to answer your question of stardew forester or gatherer.

Stardew Valley Profession: Forester

When the players get to level five in foraging, the profession of Stardew Forester becomes available. Players choosing it will get 25% more wood than what they usually get. It implies that you earn wood that is worth 1.25 trees every time when one tree is chopped by you. This wood comes from stumps, chopping down trees, and from logs. 

When the players need wood for creating farms, crafting, or making farm buildings, then this would be very helpful.

The biggest advantage with the Forester Stardew Valley profession is the extra wood that the players are getting. Players can have access to useful resources. 

Specializations Of Forester

When you reach level 10, foresters have two upgrade levels. Most of the players go with Lumberjack, though both of them have their own advantages.


Hardwood is a resource that is much needed in the last levels of the game. And all the trees have a chance to drop hardwood. Since there is a constant source of hardwood, there would be no need to go out and search it in hardwood spawn points. If you are going with Forester then, Lumberjack is the upgrade path that you must definitely take.


The forging skill has a huge source of profits from Sap and Syrup. At first, it might seem like a huge money booster, as the worth of syrups is 25% more, but most of the Foragers do not want to sit around to get a dose from tappers.

Since the trees that haven’t been chopped cannot benefit Forester’s bonus, so it is quite illogical to choose a tapper.

Stardew Valley Profession: Gatherer

Along with Forestor, the other profession that the players can choose from is Gatherer. The Gatherer starts with granting you a small chance to double harvest drops. While compared to Forester, this might seem a bit weak. Since the Gatherer bonus only gives a 20% chance to double the harvest. So, if you want to choose between a forester or a gatherer, the gatherer would lose here.

However, the one major benefit Gatherer has is essentially Forester’s biggest weakness. It is, trees are present everywhere. By the time you clear out your farmland space, you’re going to have plenty of wood for basic projects. So long as you continue to pick it up where you find it, it’s hard to run out.

What becomes more difficult as the game wears on is the effort it takes to gather specific materials. Having even a small chance to double a turnip grab or a rare mushroom spawn can make recipes and profit significantly better. This is a better use of your time, considering how rough foraging can be!

Specializations Of Gatherer

Gatherer offers two specializations to choose from – Botanist and Tracker.


Botanist offers the best high-quality materials that would boost up the total cost for foraging profiteers. Along with Gatherer, you may get two high-quality products for sure. For all the non-iridium quality items, it has a chance of boosing the 50% gold chance. 


With the tracker, you can easily know where are the items. Also, you can just walk around to find them. Players who have an understanding of the map do not find the tracker much helpful. Since Botanist gives a money boost that is guaranteed, the tracker just offers to track the items which can be easily done with the help of a map. 

Now since we have seen Forester vs Gatherer, you can now know the perks of both professions. Stardew Valley Gatherer or Forestor is still a mystery for some people. Forging is full of fun and craziness. Must try for you guys, try out the best options that suit you as we have discussed all the pros and cons of all the possible professions.