The Sims 4 Height Mod | TS4 Slider & Shorter Mod With All New Variants

Our height changes as we grow up. But this is not the case with the Sims. One of the most maddening things about the characters in Sims 4 is that all of them have the same height, be it teens, adults, or younger adults. This makes the sims look indistinguishable and have very few physical differences. The standard game mode is CAS – Create a Sim mode allows to adjust the body mass and weight of the Sims. For adjusting the height, Sims 4 height mod is the solution.

In the real world, everyone has unique features, and height is no exception. Thanks to Luunia Sims for creating Height Mod Sims 4, which enables sims to have different heights.

In this article, we will go through the most popular Sims 4 Height Mods that you can use. 

Sims 4 Height Mod

What Is The Use Of Height Slider Mod In Sims 4?

The Height Slider Mod in Sims 4 allows you to change the height of your Sims to smaller or taller from which is currently available in the game. You will have to simply click on your Sim’s throat and push upside and downside to alter your Sim’s height.

Even though this height slider mod sounds simple, it makes a big difference in the game. It gives you the ability to not just modify your sim’s height, but increase the overall gameplay experience as it enhances the social interactions with other sims.

How Does it work – Height Slider Mod

You can alter the standard height that is available in the game using the height slider mod in sims 4.

The height slider mod is very simple and easy to use. You can adjust the height of your sims by simply clicking on your sims throat and pushing upside or downside. However, with different sims 4 height slider variants, there are different techniques of the working of this mod.

Disclaimers & Caveats

  • With different height mods, sims 4 comes with different issues. This height slider mod sims 4, also comes with its own set of clipping issues. It is because of the height difference, as this game was designed keeping in mind two different bunch of heights for adults and children. Sadly, these issues are just the game’s nature. 
  • The interactions between sims of different heights such as hugging and kissing might not align up properly. Nevertheless, the sims with an equal height of the sort tall-tall or short-short work perfectly.
  • Sometimes while adjusting the height of the sims, the hands or feet of them disappear.  This specific issue might occur frequently but there is no solution to this. However, to get a temporary solution to this issue, restart the game. But as I said, this is a temporary solution that lasts for a moment or two.

Sims 4 Height Slider Mod Variants

1. Height Slider and Shorter Teens Mod v1.97 by simmythesim

This is the first-ever and original Sims 4 height mod. Even though this height slider mod is not the most advanced one like the other height slider mods, it is the one that created further development and provided the foundation for the creation of other updated height slider mods that gamers do enjoy today.

It’s subtle to use. You just need to use the Sim’s feet, click and drag them to make them shorter or taller. It works only for Sims who are aged between teen to elder. It is not for the younger ones. 

This mod also enables the Shorter Teens mod that allows shortening newly created sims.

2. Height Slider by GODJUL1

A newer and advanced version was found in 2017 by GODJUL1.  It was built on simmythesim’s original version yet altered to address some animation issues and provided additional features.

This height slider mod has various versions for adults/elders and teens, each version equivalent to the height difference that will be made to the sims. It ranges from 1x to 3x shorter or taller than the standard height that is available in the game.

To adjust the height, you need to click and drag the feet of your sims. Bigger feet indicate taller sims, and smaller feet indicate shorter sims.

3. Height Slider + Extras by luumia

Luumia’s height slider mod is one of the most popular ones in the Sims 4 community. It is based upon the original model of simmythesims. This is the most simple and easy to use height slider mod. It works for teens and older sims and not for kids and toddlers. 

The updated version includes:

  • As you modify or adjust the height, the head, hands, midriff, and feet of the Sims will remain proportional to their body size.
  • Rather than using sims feet to adjust the height, this version has a slider through the Sim’s neck, you just need to drag the neck upwards or downwards to adjust the height.
  • This mod has 4 discrete presets – Short, Medium Short, Medium Tall, and Tall.

Neck Slider

With a neck slider, you can adjust the length of the neck of your sims according to your needs. Also, the neck slider can work without a height slider. There could be cutting issues due to the different lengths of the Sims neck.

Nose Width Slider

As the name suggests, this mod allows you to adjust the real width of your Sims nose. It can change the facial appearance of the sim to a considerable amount, so you don’t need to push through the majority of preset noses to see which one you like. You can simply optimize the width of the nose. 

Best Config for immediately ultra-tall heights = Adjusting the Hug heights

The Sims 4 height slider mod allows you to make your sims taller or smaller than the standard height that is currently available in the game. Adjusting the hug heights will be quite awkward, because when ultra-tall heights sims hug sims of smaller height, it might look a bit awkward.

However, you can easily enhance the height of your sim using the height slider mod. It is the best for getting ultra tall heights immediately.

Extras for sims 4 size mod

Short Slider/Neck Tall

Sims 4 Size Mod allows you to adjust the neck’s length. This slider can be used with or without the height slider mod. But, there could be clipping problems among the sims with different neck lengths. To adjust the neck length, you can drag the sim’s neck up and down with the profile view. The neck slider works with teens and old sims.

Hip Shape-Size Slider

Hip Shape Size Slider allows you to adjust the Sim’s hip size very easily. To locate this slider, drag your sim’s sides or move hips in an up and down motion. This hip shape size mod works for teens and old sims.

Sims 4 Tall Mod

Developed by Lummia Sims, the Sims 4 Tall Mod has a high demand among the Sims users. With the slider mod and height presents, you can make the sims of any length as per your needs. This mod is a major game changer and influences how the sims interact with each other. 

But, the interaction among the sims of different heights might be a bit awkward. The amazing fact here is that whenever there is romance required among sims of different heights, they can still look into their partner’s eyes.

Sims 4 tall and short mod where to download and How to install

The installation of the tall and short mod is quite simple, just like the other mods. The primary subject to install the mod is to paste the .package files into the pathway. 

Electronic Arts > The Sims > Mods Folder

Once these steps are done, enable the CC or mods and you are good to go. Restart the game and everything is set.

Sims 4 vs Sims 3 Height Mod Compatibility

The Sims 3 Height mod compatibility works perfectly well with any patch version, you will not have to update the same. Sims 3 height mod sliders work efficiently with any kind of EA or with the custom clothing that is designed to fit incorrectly with the Sims character.

Also, note that higher usage of the custom sliders may lead to the need for core mod/NRaas Master Controller. It can increase the overall slider numbers that can be used by CAS.

Sims 4 different Foundation Heights Mod

Toddlerfix Height Presets

There might have been occasions where you may experience issues implementing the height slider mod on kids or toddlers. Well, it is obvious that there will be glitches associated with height difference but it’s handled with the Toodlerfix height presets mod to change the height. This sims 4 Childer Heighter Sliderhas fixed most of the issues associated with height of the kids.

Improve Sims 4 Butt Slider

With the butt slider’s generic form, you also get an enhanced Sims 4 Butt Slider mod. It allows you to adjust the butt height of your sims. The sims characters with whom this slider can work are – teen, male, female, elder, and other sims characters.

The changes are quite noticeable in the female sims for apparent reasons. Changes done to the butt height leads to distortions while wearing full skirts. However, this issue is minimal and not a major one. 

Enhanced Sims 4 Butt Slider has two variants:

  • Cmar_ EnhancedButt Sliders

This enhanced butt slider mod adds on the slider to adjust the height with different views. The standard adjustment for size won’t be affected because of this mod.

  • Cmar_ EnhancedButt SlidersV2

This enhanced mod enables you to adjust the height from a side view and rearview. You can adjust the overall butt width from the rear end. The height adjustments and standard size are available from the side view also.

What are Common Issues With Height Slider Mod?

Just like other mods in Sims 4, the Height Slider Mod also has a few problems sometimes. Here is a list of common issues that comes with this amazing mod. The sims 4 height mod 2020 is more advanced than the sims 4 height mod 2019. With the updated versions, issues get resolved.

  • It was observed that the Sims hands or feet may vanish or disappear while adjusting the height. 
  • In interactions like hugging and kissing causes undesirable animations because of the difference in the heights, especially the extreme ones.
  •  Users repeatedly report clipping issues because of the height adjustments as TS4 was initially built for the standard height of kids and adults in the game.

Do not forget, the mod creators constantly work on updating and improving the mods.

Height slider not working fix issues (Solved)

There have been a lot of complaints regarding the height slider not working smoothly. There are issues with interaction or problems like the sim’s hands and feet disappearing while adjusting the height. So, a whole new solution has been worked upon by the users to deal with these issues.

To avoid the sims 4 height slider issues, there is a cheat console named “add_slider height -100/100.” 

Any number that goes negative from -100, will make the sims shorter, and the number going up from 100 will make the sims taller without any issues.


Can you change the height of Sims in Sims 4?

Yes. The Height Slider Mod enables you to adjust the height of your sims. You can make them smaller or taller than the original standard height that is available in the game.

Where To Download mod?

To install the Sims 4 mods, you will need to download the mod file, then open Windows Explorer and go to Electronic Arts > The Sims > Mods. Drop your downloaded mods in this folder straight away.

How to change height in sims 4?

The height slider mod allows you to change the height of your sims. You can increase or decrease the height more than the original height that is currently available in the game.

How to make things smaller in sims 4?

Simply select the object, hold Shift, and press the left square bracket key to shrink the size of the object.

Can you make sims taller or shorter?

Yes, the height slider mod allows us to make the sims taller or shorter than the original height that is currently available in the game. To modify the height, click on Sim’s throat and push up or down.