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Sims are programmed to suffer real-life problems right from fixing toilets to paying overpriced electricity bills. This also includes the abstract feeling of love. Sims can fall for other sims and get into the feeling of love. It feels good to be attached to other sims like a perfect fairy tale.

The Sims 4 Love Mods comes with tools to influence a perfect love story. Hence, in the name of love, shout out to install some love mods and make things a bit cozy.

The Sims 4 Love Mod comes with other sub mods as well.

Sims 4 First Love Mods

Sims 4 First Love Mod

One of the most popular mods in the Sims 4 family is Child dating. Only teens, adults, and older couples could fall in love and share a relationship bond among them. However, with the Child Love mod in Sims 4, the child sims can also have crushes on other child sims and can fall in love too! They can certainly perform various activities together and fall in love as they become teenagers. To turn the crush into love, your child sim will have to develop “relationship progress“.

How does Sims 4 Child Romance mod work?

To know how the sims 4 first love romance works, have a look at this section.

The child romance mod works upon the age group of children and aging up of the children in order to become teens. When one of the two children becomes a teenager, then a secret countdown of 7 days begins. In the duration of these 7 days, you will see the option of ‘Ask to be just Friends’ in the  ‘First Love’ pie menu. As we all know how embarrassing it is for a teenager to date a child.

If both the sims are teenagers, the countdown will still be 7 days. However, in these 7 days, they can meet and get the option of  ‘Sign. Other!’. To continue with their relationship, they will have to start from the very beginning.

If one of the sims becomes a teen and the other does not until the countdown is over, then they will continue to have their love relationship. However, there won’t be any special interactions to spice up the relationship.

In the future, when the other sims become a teen, both of them will have to start from the beginning if they want to continue with their relationship.

How Does Little MsSam’s First Love Works?

One of the most popular love mods is MsSam’s First Love mod. Children with a high friendship build-up level (mind value 75) will have a new Pie Menu named “First Love” on their target.

They can set up their first interaction of Confess to have a Crush that is a one-time interaction. Upon successful interaction, the sims will get a new relationship with their crush which can be labeled as “First Crush.” Being closer to and around your crush will give you a special Buff that would help to build up hidden Relationship progress every 30 minutes.

The following new options of interactions will be available in the “First Love” Pie menu:

  • Exchange Numbers – This is a one time interaction
  • Hug
  • Visit Crush – Incase you have Social Activites mod

Once you have exchanged numbers with your crush, the below phone interactions will get unlocked:

  • Text Crush
  • Call Crush

With these interactions, you will gain some small amount of relationship progress.

With the relationship progress, the sims can unlock some new interactions that would be notified through notifications.

  • Stargazing: Gaze the stars with your crush here. Please note that this works only for Outdoor Retreat DLC Owners. The relationship level will progress as the sims stargazes with their crush. Once you have enough hidden Relationsip Progress, then you will get a notifcation for a new interaction known as “Stargazing“.
  • Monkey around with the crush: When a good level is reached in the Relationship Progress, the child sims will get a new interaction known as “Monkey Around“. You will be notified about this thorugh an automatic notification. Children are usually best at this, so all of them love this interaction.

Initiate The Child Crush Mod in Sims 4

To begin with, your first child crush using the child crush mod in sims 4, follow the below steps:

  • Ensure that the child sim is friends with the target sim that you are crushing.
  • The mind value of child sim should be at least 75.
  • From both the sims, make any one of them active and then tap on the other sim.
  • You will see a new menu popping up on your screen with the name “First Love
  • Now, you will notice an interaction named “Confess to have a Crush
  • If the target sim reverts with a ‘yes’, then kudos, your sim will get into a ‘First Crush’ relationship with his/her crush.

Change the relationship with the Sims 4 Child Love Mod

  1. ‘Ask to be Boyfriend/ Girlfriend’ option: When your child sim ask the other child sim who is their target crush, to be their boyfriend/girlfriend, and the crush says yes, then First Crush relationship will transform into a love relationship. If the crush says no, then a new interaction will be seen that says ‘Ask to be just Friends’.
  2. ‘Ask to be just Friends’ option: Choosing this option will let you go off from all the hidden relationship progess that you have made so far. This option will also delete your ‘First Love’ relationship, so it comes with a lot of sacrifices.

Levels of aspiration in Sims 4 First Love Aspirations mod

In our lives, when you fall in love for the first time as a child, it would be a child-like innocent first love. This mood also seeks to make the child sims have an innocent child-like love with cherishing memories.

Under the option of Create a sim, select Social Child and click on Aspirations. Two options will be available here -‘ First Love’ and ‘Social Butterfly’.

There are -three levels in total:

The Crush level

  • Your child Sim can confess to the other cursh child sim, that he/she has a crush on him/her.
  • Can exchange phone numbers with the crush.
  • Can visit the crush .

The Lovesick level

  • You can allow your child sim to call their crush.
  • Can invite the crush for a sleepover or parties.
  • Text your crush sim 8 times.

The Steady level

  • Both of them can hug each other, for atleast 8 times.
  • Mess around with each other.
  • And finally, ask their crush whether they want to be in a relationship or not.

Relationship Progress with the Sims 4 Child crush mod

Your Sims are necessary to vantage Relationship Development for turning their jam into their dear. The favorable state under the sims 4 child jam mod will slow relation their out of modality State Advance every 2 written record, step by step:-

Being close to your Sim’s crush:- This will signifier ii crisp action gettable in the ‘Basic Love’ pie invoice:-

  1. If you have Little MsSam’s ‘Social group Activities’ mod stall, you’ll insight the state ‘Gathering Crush’.
  2. Compressing your crush.

Do both these acts for improver concealed Relationship Evolution for your Sims.

Speech book with the crush:- In the above pastry card, you’ll also sensibility a one-time activity titled ‘Speech Numbers’. Take that state to get the following Sound activity unlocked:-

  1. Matter Crush
  2. Phone call Crush

Your Sims will sum a bantam sum of Relationship Evolution by doing these 2 states.

Monkey around with the crush:- When the Relationship Evolution reaches a certain flat, there will be a fresh act called ‘Monkey around’. You’ll mechanically get a telltale for this new act. And this is the action that children are usually top-grade at, right? They will love this action!

Stargazing with the Sim’s crush:- When decent concealed Relationship Primeval has been made, you’ll get a request to tell a spick-and-span action titled ‘Stargazing’. Your children Sims will lie down on the end, and start heed at the still sky_ that’s relatable!


Like human beings, sims also experience the emotion of love with the Sims 4 Love Mods. They develop a deep connection with their crushes, and with time, their love grows.

The feeling of love holds a very special place in everyone’s heart, so the same is applied in the game. The makers have put in efforts to give the sims a deep feeling of love. So, download the love mods now and get started with it. If the love lasts, it could also turn into a marriage. You can create your own little world by building a family with the newest pregnancy mod that will blow your mind.