Minecraft MrCrayfish Furniture Mod 2021 Download With New Features

MrCrayfish Furniture Mod is a Minecraft Furniture Mod that offers tons of decorative elements. It can be considered as a decoration mod that lets the users add different types of furniture such as cabinets, decorative elements, and modern style furniture. Since new furniture would be available, users can put in their stuff.

Being a crazy Minecraft fan, you might be aware of the Mods in Minecraft. The concept of the mod is diversified. With mods, the game becomes more interesting as it has different types of twists and challenges.

Minecraft 1.17.1 offers MrCrayfish which adds on different furniture where the players will have access to a wide range of appliances such as ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, toasters, and many other useful things. Since modern style furniture is added, the players would be able to store items in the new furniture. Also, you will have a variety of appliances to decorate your kitchen. 

Some of the things that it includes are – chairs, tables, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, cabinets, curtains, bathrooms, trees and so much more that you will need to explore.

In Minecraft, players are allowed to build houses and buildings free of cost. However, the amount required for decorating the home is not enough to satisfy the demands of the players. MrCrayfish Furniture mod 1.16.1/1.15.2 is a mod that adds interesting things to the game such as TVs, desktops, refrigerators, chairs, tables, and much more. 

This is an amazing mod for the players who love to have a gentle life in buildings, decorating houses, building a garden, and in all, have a peaceful life.

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Special Features of MrCrayfish Furniture Mod

There are three main features of MrCrayfish Furniture Mod Minecraft. It includes nearly 80 furniture pieces. Let’s look at the unique features.

  1. More than 80 distinctive furniture pieces

Without the MrCrayfish’s furniture mod, Minecraft would never have furniture. It has more than 80 distinctive pieces of furniture to decorate your kitchen, bedroom, living room, and garden. We all wish to have a house which we have always dreamt of. So, start building your dream house now with MrCrayfish Furniture mod.

  1. Functions are not just for decoration, it works in several blocks

With this feature, the players would be able to create blocks of different colors as per their creativity. Also, with this tool, you can decorate your house and have a modern rich interior.

  1. Well built mail system to send and receive blocks around the server

With the mail system, you can send and receive the items created by you to the other players. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, you can exchange items in your rooms.

How to Download and install Minecraft’s MrCrayfish Furniture Mod?

  • Select the Minecraft version and download Minecraft Forge for that version.
  • Now, for this version, download MrCrayfish Furniture. 
  • Navigate to the Minecraft application folder after downloading and installing the new Forge version.You may now close Minecraft.
  • To locate minecraft application folder, go to Run from the Start menu and type – %appdata% and click Run. Open the folder with the name .minecraft.
  • Go to MrGrayfish’s furniture mod in the mods folder. 
  • You are all set to play the game just by launching it!


Why is the furniture missing when I downloaded the mod?

The mod is being reworked and re-developed from the scratch. All the issues will be solved with the update but there is no ETA yet from the team.

Can you update the mod to work with 1.16.5?

The mods work with minor version changes such as 1.16.4 to 1.16 5 very easily. Also, even though the file name is 1.16.3, it will work in 1.16.5 which has been tagged on CurseForge.