How to Summon and Defeat Moder | Where to Find In Valheim

The Valheim Moder boss fight is the fourth major villain and the fourth boss that is found in the survival sandbox, you’ll face as you go through the game. Don’t be too confident just because you’ve already defeated three enemies; summoning and destroying this massive black and white dragon requires a lot of mountaineering, egg-collecting, and bow abilities.

Here’s everything you need to know about fighting the Valheim Moder and finding the Dragon Eggs. While you can summon Moder and fight it on your own map using these techniques, you can also utilize the Valheim World Seed and map we’ve included to find her (and the Dragon Eggs) faster.

Moder is a Valheim monster. She is a big dragon with patagium, white hair, and black scales.

The Mountain biome is home to Moder. Runestones found in or around ruined stone structures in the Mountain biome can show the location of Moder’s nearest summoning altar on the map. Only big, high-elevation Mountain biomes create these buildings, Moder, and Moder’s eggs.

How to summon and defeat Moder

Location of Moder Valheim 

Moder the Dragon Queen, Valheim Dragon Boss, like all the Valheim bosses, can only be brought into the world at special Mystical Altars. To get the Moder Location Valheim, go to the Mystical Altars.  Each Mystical Altar is associated with a distinct Forsaken boss, and in order to locate Moder’s Altar, you must first locate a Vegvisir – a bright red runestone similar to the one found at spawn that will mark the map with Moder’s summoning position. 

Because the Mountains are Moder’s preferred biome, you’ll have to search the Mountains for her Vegvisir runestones. These stones are always found around old structures, so explore the Mountains until you come upon a stone tower or other structure, then look inside and around it for a red runestone.

In Valheim, how can you summon Moder?

To face Moder, you’ll need to summon her when you’ve found and reached her Mystical Altar. To summon Moder, place three Dragon Eggs in the three bowls at the Altar’s center. This is accomplished by placing the Dragon Egg on your Hotbar and then pressing the appropriate number key while your cursor is above the bowl.

In the mountains, dragon eggs can be found in Drake’s nests. They’re big, luminous purple eggs that weigh 200 each, so you’ll have to make three visits to the Altar to return them.

Moder will be called and the boss fight will begin once you’ve placed them in the Altar bowls.

Walkthrough for the Valheim Moder boss fight

Moder is a massive black and white dragon having frost and ice strikes as well as the more common swiping attacks with her claws. Because she’s a dragon, she can also fly.

When she’s flying, she’ll periodically unleash a barrage of ice attacks that convert into ice spikes when they collide with the ground. When you see Moder rears her head to launch the attack, you can simply avoid them by racing sideways.

Her other main attack is an ice breath assault that comes out of her mouth in a cone. She’ll only use this attack if she’s on the ground, and it’s easy to see and dodge by just sprinting to the side.

The only other notable weapon in her arsenal is a swipe strike, which she can use if she manages to narrow the gap between you and her. This strike has been plainly telegraphed once again.

Power of the Forsaken Moder and loot drops

Moder will drop her head as a Trophy – moder trophy valheim, as well as many Dragon Tears when she dies. These Dragon Tears are extremely valuable, so make sure you collect them all. Artisan Tables, a sort of crafting station that allows you to set Spinning Wheels, Blast Furnaces, and Windmills, are made with Dragon Tears.

Bring Moder’s Trophy back to spawn and hang it on the fourth stone in the circle’s hook; then interact with the stone to unleash Moder’s Forsaken Power. This power allows you to sail with a constant tailwind, making sailing on any raft much easier and faster.


1. How to find Moder in Valheim?

Moder the Dragon Queen is the fourth boss in the survival sandbox, and she is a fearsome foe if you go into the fight unprepared. But even getting there is difficult: you must first defeat the previous three bosses before locating and summoning Moder in Valheim’s map.

2. How to kill moder Valheim?

This boss can be killed in two ways. The most successful method is to attack her with needle or poison arrows while she’s in the air, dealing just minor damage, then hurry up to her and wield your sword when she lands.