How To Complete The Gilmore Girls Challenge In BitLife Ultimate Guide

Today we are going to guide you through an engaging challenge that has been updated in an equally interactive game called BitLife: Life Simulator. The game uses text based simulation models to create a virtual world that resembles our real life scenario.

The challenge is quite interesting but there are complex things that can limit your progress in the game. Life simulation games are like chess where you need to select the right move to efficiently move forward. We are here to guide you through so you do not need to worry about the several assumed scenarios and circumstances that can trouble you along the way. 

The Ultimate guide to BitLife Gilmore Girls challenge

What is the challenge?

The name of the challenge that we are trying to tackle today is known as “ The Gilmore Girl Challenge” or Gilmore girl Bitlife Challenge. If you are thinking that the name seems to resemble a movie that I saw eating butter glazed popcorn and crying alone after realizing how awesome the girls were, Yes you are correct.

The challenge is indeed inspired from the movie Gilmore Girls. The milestones can be compared with the movie and you will not be surprised how accurately they have depicted the scenarios. It’s considered one of the best Bilife Challenges till now by the community.

Now the challenge has a span of four days and during those four days you need to complete a few milestones that have several rewards included. The most important point to note about the challenge is the player needs to be a female born and brought up in Connecticut. So in a way it can be said as the Connecticut Bitlife episode too.

There basic rules that you need to be aware of and choosing the correct decision enable your character to develop in the right way. Next checklist is the player needs to complete every available activity with their mother. They also need to mickmick a relationship consisting of two characters Lorelai and Rory. 

Checklist and Onwards

These are the few checkpoints or objectives which you need to make sure to implement in the story and make your choices accordingly. This will help you complete the challenge in no time and that too with time to spare for your other sidequest. 

A Female born in USA

As I said the Player needs to be a female from Connecticut just like in the movie where both the main characters Lorelai and Rory were moved. But there are few changes here. You need to select the gender female and then proceed to select your birthplace as HartFord, USA.

Be a good Daughter to your Mother

The next objective is to go to the relationship tab and select your mother. There you will observe nine activities. It is necessary to perform all those activities as not doing so can affect your progress. The activities can be performed one by one and they do have a complexity level which increases with every activity you perform.

A Girl Gotta Study

Now onto the next one, you need to use your brains for this one. Like metaphorically, the Female Character needs to study journalism in a well known university. But for that you will have to study in highschool. After completing high school you will be able to enroll in a university based on your evaluated high school smart stats. So better be prepared for it.

There is an evaluation method in the game known as the smarts. Which you need to improve and maintain throughout the years of  your high school. This you can do by selecting the Study Harder option that can make the next steps quite convenient for you. After scoring High Smart Stat voila apply for the University selecting Journalism as Major field. 

Cheat with an ex

Here comes the most dramatic part which was famous in the movie and you can say the developers at BitLife did justice to the chapter. You need to cheat on your ex. 

I know what you are thinking; To cheat on Ex you need to have an Ex in the first place. Don’t worry we got your back Miss Gilmore. Getting into a relationship is not as hard as it is in the real world. There are two particular ways one being the online Dating App and the other being Picking a person from your Temporary Job or College. 

After that you need to repeat the process again Hook Up with any other person from some distinctive background. The second person needs to be the person of your choice with whom you will start a real relationship. 

To properly perform this steps:

Select Relationship > Choose the Person > Hook up

Who does not like babies right?

The last and final step to complete the BitLife “Gilmore Girls Challenge” is to get pregnant with your ex. The steps are pretty clear up till now, following the events this will be the finale of the challenge and the developers made sure to make it pretty realistically dramatic. 

You need to get pregnant by your ex while still being in a real relationship. Eventually you will have to seduce your ex and make certain favorable moves that can attract your Ex effectively to the point that he is ready to get you pregnant. 

Choose the right option that leads to a pregnancy and in case you miss out just repeat the same process after aging up. That in fact was the end of the movie too when the main character, who resembles the life of a girl from Connecticut, gets pregnant and the series ends.

Relationship>Exes>Call>Booty Call

Good luck and Live Your Best Life

Getting pregnant will mark the end of the challenge. BitLife is quite famous for rolling out new challenges with every patch update. So here it was the very best and simple guide on how to complete the BitLife Gilmore Girls Challenge. The process is lengthy and needs some smart decision making skills but we know eventually you will be able to complete it successfully.

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