20 Best Minecraft mods in 2021

Minecraft is an amazing and popular game among players. The game is quite modular among itself, and it offers mods that can enhance the gameplay making the game more interesting. Mods basically spice up the games. The players who feel that the game becomes monotonous at some point, then they can opt for mods. There are numerous mods available for Minecraft.

With Minecraft games mods, some interesting elements get added to the game such as adding new items, new ores to new mobs, adding decorative elements, etc that improve the game’s performance.  All of the mods achieve almost everything right from adding new mobs and new items to streamlining some of the vanilla features of the game. Some of the Minecraft must-have mods are explained in detail in this article.

Here in this article, we have listed the Minecraft popular mods best mods for you. Please make sure to pay attention to the supported versions as some of them might not be supporting the latest Minecraft version. So, check the version before installing any of the mods.

Which are the Best Minecraft Mods 2021?

Here is a list of the newest Minecraft mods:


optifine mod

Optfine is one of the most popular mods in Minecraft. It is an organizational mod that makes the game look better and run faster.  It improves the game’s performance drastically and lets the players have seamless gameplay by offering a smooth framerate on any low-end hardware.  This mod gives controls to the tinniest detail in the game. It is one of the best mods for Minecraft.

It comes supports HD textures and if you are playing on a high-tech PC, optifine can provide an expanded graphics menu that allows you to manipulate and have power over small details of the game. Some of the features of Optfine mod are – FPS boost, Support for HD Textures, Support for Shaders, Dynamic Lights, Fog Control, Fullscreen Resolution and so much more!



If you do not have a high-tech PC and have weak hardware that Optfine can’t even help, then Fastcraft comes to your rescue. The main objective of Fastcraft is to eliminate lags and framerate drops so that you can play the game smoothly. So all the players out there with a machine that lags every time you load new chunks, then this mod is for you guys.

Miner’s Helmet

Miner’s Helmet

When the players need to go down on a mining excursion, they need to carry torches every time which is very tiring. However, with Miner’s Helmet, you can have your own personal lights in the darkest caves. 

The Miner’s Helmet mod adds a functional mining helmet that can be worn by the players on the head like a normal helmet. It is the best for mining at late night where the players explore caves. Hence making the process easy for the players.

This frees up your inventory slot and allows you to go through the most complex caves. 


Chisel mod

The Chisel mod adds a huge variety of decorative elements such as decorative blocks for granting the players control over their creations and allowing them to create cute stuff.  Access to new blocks is given by this tool – Chisel. It is kind of an iron chisel that is created from iron ingot and is in a diagonal pattern. You can consider the Chisel as the heart and soul of the Chisel Mod. You can consider it as the cutest and best Minecraft mods ever.

This is for the people who love fun things and always desire to build something new out of the available objects with them. You can build anything with these pretty blocks and build whatever you want satisfying your creativity.


Pixelmon mod

Players who love the Pokemon series and are Minecraft fans will love the Pixelmon mod by Minecraft. It is one such cool mod of Minecraft where you will love to play the game. The first version of this mod was released in 2013. With time, the mod allows the players to catch, train and breed pokemon along with crafting Pokeballs and Pokemon-themed furniture. 

Pixelmon is considered to be the longest-running Minecraft mod. It adds hundreds of Pokemon to the game. Developers of this game keep on updating it on a daily basis for new features and objectives to be added to the mod. The newest collectible creatures such as Scorbunny, Sobble, Grookey and, any more are considered to be the favorites in the world of Minecraft.

Also, there is a player forum available to discuss the mod and various aspects with the other players. It is kind of a community that helps all the players.

Carpenter’s Blocks

Carpenter's Blocks mod

One block in Minecraft occupies one cubic meter. However, sometimes the creations take more precision than this. With Carpenter’s Blocks Mod, you can construct a grid and freely customize your creations. This mod basically adds customizable blocks that provide an aesthetical appeal to the game.

This mod is considered to be the ultimate builder’s tool that allows the players to construct magnificent structures. Some of the ordinary blocks such as sand, dirt, and planks are used to cover the mod’s block. The Carpenter’s Blocks mod also adds textures on the fly to craftable blocks, slopes, and fences. 

The process is very simple, you place the blocks where you see any fit, and then right-click on the other block that will add its texture to them.

Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items mod

The Just Enough Items mod allows the players to view each and every item in the game and their recipes as well. When you have too many mods installed, then this mod can be helpful as it adds all sorts of new items to the game and helps to view all of them. 

Players who are familiar with each and every crafting recipe will find it convincing as all of it can be viewed in just a click.

Fast Leaf Decay

Fast Leaf Decay mod

The process to cut down trees requires a lot of effort, especially when you are not able to find the last piece of wood that’s the most important as it keeps all the leave afloat. Fast Leaf Decay mod helps to increase the speed at which leaves break.

Here’s What You’re Looking At (HWYLA)

Here’s What You’re Looking At (HWYLA)

Many times you just cannot recognize what a block is. For all the lapsed Minecraft players, there are too many new blocks and it gets difficult to identify each of them. If you have too many mods installed, then it would be nearly impossible to remember and memorize all of them.

That’s when Here’s What You’re Looking At comes into the picture. It tells you what are you looking at, what block is it. It would be the most helpful when you are playing with a large number of the mod packs.

Pam’s Harvestcraft

pam's harvestcraft

Food is the main aspect of Minecraft. However, the game’s framing mechanics do not have any updates in the past years. Which makes the process mundane and obsolete. Pam’s Harvestcraft adds dozens of new crops and food to the game. With this, the players would also have access to new tools and recipes making your harvesting process more fascinating. 

With this mod, over 300 new foods get added. You can open up a restaurant with so many varieties of foods being added. Some of the foods are simply cooked by crafting and baking and some of them are grown.  Along with this new food, some of the items would need kitchen equipment and utensils to prepare. 

Macaw’s Bridges

Macaw’s Bridges

Players who love building bases in mountains or hills will love Macaw’s Bridges Mod. It will grant you control over the looks of your base. Bridges allow the players to craft actual bridges that would look nicer when compared to generic wooden fences and planks. 

They make the look aesthetical. There are different types of bridges such as Standard bridges, Rope bridges, Iron bridges, and other ones. Since the Macaw’s Bridges allow for each wood type to be converted into the bridge, it provides an option to match your world superbly.

Biomes O’Plenty

Biomes O’Plenty

Players always want more biomes, they are never enough. With the Biomes O’Plent mod, this wish of players would be fulfilled. Adding this mod will enable 80 new biomes which will allow you to explore new locations. 

Not only do you get biomes in this mod, but these biomes are also filled with new items, blocks, and plants for the players to find. You cannot imagine, you would find new biomes in the Nether.


Journeymap minecraft

Maps are important in Minecraft but they are a bit obsolete. The main objective of the Journeymap mod is to add complexity to the current Minecraft’s maps that would make them useful for exploring and navigating from different places. You can also view your world in real-time on the map. 

Not only this, but it also gives a minimap that would help you get around.

Traveler’s Backpack

Traveler’s Backpack

As the name suggests, the Traveler’s Backpack adds backpacks to the game. It may seem a small addition but it does a lot to make mining less of a pounding head. With these backpacks, several inventory slots are added and separate fluid slots for buckets are available too.

Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks

Managing inventory is always a headache. Since the players would be putting in a lot of time gathering new blocks, it is important to manage the inventory. With the Inventory Tweaks mod, you can manage the inventory very easily.  With this mod added to the game, you would not want to get back to the old vanilla Minecraft.

Whenever your tools get damaged, Inventory Tweaks mod would replace them, just press a button to sort your chest and manage your inventory smoothly.

Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers

As the name suggests, the Storage Drawers mod adds storage drawers to the game. With these drawers, you can store tiny items in a much-organized manner. 

To know the number of blocks inside the drawer, there are several icons and indicators. With such user-friendly interfaces, the players can have nice gameplay as everything is very organized and systematic. These storage drawers basically add and remove items from inventory. 

Decorative Blocks

Decorative Blocks

The Decorative Blocks adds new blocks to the game that can help the players to build new things that include bonfires, beams, and support. Skilled Minecraft players know all kinds of tips and tricks to build complicated things by using the vanilla block set. But with the help of Decorative Mod, you don’t need to go through all this, this can be easily handled. It is one of the most popular Minecraft mods.


AppleSkin minecraft

With the AppleSkin mod, you can know everything about your food, which includes everything from telling you how long it is enough to keep you full.  It indicates the value of the selected food items. It’s very useful as by default, the values are not displayed.

This is not a big change for the skilled players, but for the new players, who don’t know these particular values yet, this could be extremely useful.



This is what all of us need to go through. The walk of shame in order to reclaim the dropped items is not easy and fun. The Gravestone mod makes it a lot easier. Instead of having your items explode in the surrounding environment and landing in lava, the Gravestone mod builds a gravestone where all of your items would be collected when you die. Being one of the Minecraft mods that work for you, this is a must-have mod.

Iron Chests

Iron Chests minecraft

Everyone loves chests, but sometimes the space is not enough to put all the items. With the Iron Chests mod, this can be managed as it adds multiple new types of chests to Minecraft which are based upon the numerous metals found in vanilla Minecraft. With the new updates, there is an addition of new mods in Minecraft. So, do check your Minecraft version.